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Adult Program

Cedar Centre’s Adult Program is designed for people who have experienced
interpersonal childhood trauma.  This service involves individual trauma
therapy and group therapy, and begins with our Skills Training in Affect and
Interpersonal Regulation (STAIR) Group. The group is a 10-week, mixed-
gender, psycho-education group which offers practical skills to help
participants increase emotional regulation and build stronger relationships.
The STAIR group is a foundational component of our program, in that the
group must be completed for participants to move on to the next phase of our
Once the STAIR group is complete, participants begin Individual Therapy
with a Cedar Centre therapist. Trauma therapy enables participants to
address specific themes related to their trauma and uses approaches
including Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, CBT and DBT.  During individual
therapy, participants will also take part in at least one Resourced and
Resilient Group. This 10-week, gender-specific group offers enriched psycho-
education about trauma, and allows the opportunity for participants to
process how symptoms of childhood trauma continue to impact the present.